Get To Know Me! 

Hello!! I am a single mother of 3 amazing kids just trying to make it in the big bad world! I started making soap in 2014 just for something to do, and realized I wanted to make more. I would give out my products to my friends and family and they loved them so much that they encouraged me to sell my items to customers. I was a bit skeptical at first so I just sold items at cost just to be able to buy more ingredients until I got better, and its just exploded from there!


All of my bath and wax products are made in small batches, so one batch to the next can look slightly different even though the recipe is the same, and isn't that exciting! Most of my customers I know by name and they keep coming back for more! This website is the next step for making purchasing my items even easier! Now you can just click and buy on this site to make paying more convenient, even if you live just across town! Have fun shopping!  

Since I love crafting, I have ventured off of just making bath and body products. Creating with resin is another one of my passions!! I love working with all the shiny glitters that are not possible to use with soap and body products, and creating amazing art with different colors. Please check out my resin selection as well! I make everything from keychains to car coasters to beautiful trays for displaying your candles and soaps!